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The treasures of tomorrow are not marked on yesterday's maps. -- Todd Skinner
The magic of climbing is to be at the edge of all you've ever known and yet still be drawn another step toward the summit. -- Todd Skinner
We must leave the well-worn trail if we are to encounter unexpected rewards. -- Todd Skinner
Remember to look for the windows of opportunity that occur in every storm. -- Todd Skinner
We cannot lower the mountain. Therefore we must elevate ourselves. -- Todd Skinner
Most of what we must know to succeed on a new mountain can only be learned on the ascent itself. -- Todd Skinner
Success on a new mountain is not a matter of how much you know. It is a matter of how much you are willing to learn. -- Todd Skinner
Where you are going is infinitely more important than where you are or where you have come from.. -- Todd Skinner

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Todd Skinner's Presentation Themes

When a company brought Todd Skinner in to present "Beyond the summit," his audience heard what it's like to break new ground, challenge traditional thought, and maintain tenacity for the summit.

Todd knew that the ability to weather a storm, keep momentum, and stay focused on the mission is what determines success. By giving his audience a different way to look at a challenge, Todd helped them gain insight into their own ascents.

The standard theories of leadership, teamwork, and motivation no longer apply when we leave the well-worn trails and guidebooks behind.

Think, Believe, and Act on a Himalayan Scale

The mountain is the catalyst that transforms a group into a team.
It is only in answer to an audacious goal that individuals are forged into an effective team.

What you don't know, the mountain will teach you.
If you feel unequal to the climb, remember that much of the knowledge you need to reach the summit can only be learned on the ascent.

Each mountain is made up of rope lengths, and each rope length is made up of single steps.
Commitment to taking the first step will lead to the next step, which will lead to the top.

Keep your focus on the summit
Where you are going is infinitely more important than where you are or where you have come from.

Always fall towards the summit.
It's not if you fall on a difficult climb that's important, but the knowledge you acquire from the fall and the way you apply it.

There will always be storms on a mountain, it's how you weather them that counts.
The severity and duration of a storm are less important than mind set, momentum, and morale.

Aim beyond the summit.
Choose your next mountain by what you see from the top; you can best recognize the future where your view is unlimited and your vision is clearest.